Dogpatch Junction


Dogpatch Junction is:

David Gans – Lead Guitar Voicegans_prphoto2012

David Gans, Bay Area multi-instrumantalist and agent-provocateur, brings his formidable skills and taste to Dogpatch Junction as both a singer and as lead guitarist. In addition to his musicianship David is also known for his two-decade-plus career as a radio producer/host of Grateful Dead programs on Berkeley’sKPFA radio station, Dead to the World, the nationally syndicated Grateful Dead Hour as well as being a consultant to Sirius XM’s Grateful Dead Channel. He has produced a legion of records by other artists, including compilations of the Dead, spent his early years as a journalist before writing numerous books about music, and is also a well-known photographer.


Sharon Laveson – Voice


Sharon’s been singing publicly since she was 6 – fighting to get into her synagogue choir even though she was underage! And she brings    that passionate spirit to everything she sings with Dogpatch Junction! From wailing deep blues to sweet country harmonies, to heart rending ballads, Sharon puts it out there for all to hear.  She grew up musically on the Grateful Dead and other classic jam and rock bands adding classic soul and funk for spice! You can find her front and center wherever great music is happening: in the SF Bay Area, New Orleans, New York, Philly – if there’s some gettin’ down goin’ on Sharon’s usually there to help make it happen!


David Tchack – Keys, Voice

A keyboard wiz from his youth, David is a master of styles ranging from jazz, classical to rock and roll, bringing all those elements to bear as both a lyrical supporting player and a passionate soloist. David discovered his voice first through the Fender Rhodes of Ray Charles, and then by the electrifying playing of Brent Mydland of the Grateful Dead. David plays Roland and Korg Keyboards with Mackie Amplification



David A-bomb – Bass Guitar

A veteran of the New York and Northern California music scenes, David combines the melodic “lead” bass technique popularized by Phil Lesh with the hardcore funk of Bootsy Collins to create a swinging pulse for Dogpatch Junction. Using rich melodic lines and intricate rhythmic patterns, David’s bass is the swinging foundation for Dogpatch Junction’s sound. David plays an Alembic Orion with Eden WT 550 amplifier and Eden E410ESX speakers and an Alembic SF2 SuperFilter


Zach Briefer - Drums

Coming from Tucson, Arizona, Zach incorporates both hard-driving rhythms and dynamic back beats into his playing.   Whether exploring the musical landscape of a song, finding different rhythmic pockets, or just holding down the beat, Zach continually tries to push the music to a new level.”


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