Dogpatch Junction


From the hottest neighborhood in San Francisco comes the hottest new band on the jam band scene – Dogpatch Junction. Playing on the edge of dynamic improvisation and extreme dance-ability, Dogpatch Junction incorporates rock, jazz, folk, and blues, puts it all together and out comes high-octane magic music. Accomplished musicians all, the 5 members of Dogpatch Junction share a unique musical chemistry that pays homage to American music legends The Grateful Dead with reverence and style while delivering a sound that is clearly their own. Tune in, turn on, and definitely drop in – when you’re ready to take the trip Dogpatch Junction is waiting to take you away!

All Good Dawgs Go To Heaven

Dogpatch Junction is part of the Rex Foundation Musical Caravan ( and enjoys nothing more than playing great music for worthy causes!


HEY NOW DOG HEADS!  What’s better than a live Dogpatch Junction show? DPJ on video! Here’s the recording from our show back in June that was broadcast over the inter webs!  Dogpatch Junction Live in the East Bay

We’re on hiatus for the Summer – enjoying those lazy, hazy, daze but sure are getting antsy to get back on the road to bring some exciting new music to you all real soon! Stay tuned – DPJ will be rockin’ the Bay again real soon!

Put some boogie in your bottom and love in your heart


Dogpatch Junction proudly shakes its groove on:
  1. dawg December 30, 2012 at 2:36 am

    Hey now Dog Heads – Thanks for making our show at Ashkenaz such a huge success! Looking forward to seeing everybody as we greet the New Year on a Marin Swing with shows at Presidio Yacht Club, Sausalito and 19 Broadway, in Fairfax!


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